Training & Installation Videos For QBC Systems


QBC Star POC Haematology System

Intro, Set-Up and Features

This video walks users through the basics of the STAR, including setup for a new unit, the components of the STAR system, and the many features available with the STAR.

Demonstration Video
This video demonstrates the proper technique for taking a patient blood sample with the STAR Tube and analysing the sample using the STAR.

QBC Autoread Plus Haematology System

Whats included in the QBC Autoread System?

A detailed video which highlights all of the components that are shipped with the Autoread Plus system.

Installing the QBC Autoread Plus Analyser
Installing the Autoread Plus is easy with this informative video.
Installing the QBC Centrifuge
A few connections is all it takes to install the Centrifuge to the Autoread Plus.  Watch this video for the installation procedure.
Sample collection
Learn how to correctly fill an Autoread Plus tube using the finger stick method.
Basic Operation of the QBC Centrifuge
Learn how to load tubes and operate the Centrifuge.
Basic operation of the QBC Autoread Plus Haematology Analyser
Basic operation of the Autoread Plus is detailed in this short video.

QBC ParaLens Fluorescence Microscopy Attachment

QBC ParaLens Overview

Basic overview of the QBC ParaLens Fluorescence Microscopy attachment

Installation Training
The following video will demonstrate the simple process for attaching the ParaLens Microscope Attachment to a standard light microscope.

QBC F.A.S.T. TB Kits

QBC F.A.S.T. TB Overview

Basic overview of the QBC F.A.S.T. TB Kits

Preparing a direct smear for AFB Microscopy
Staining Slides for AFB Detection
Viewing SureFocus Slides